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holy fuck

The Path to Union




have you ever said,
where the fuck are the


the real question to ask is
who do you have to become to

be with a man

that brings you closer to God?

When you are living in your highest truth,
the energy moves from
"Does He exist?"
"Because I exist, I know he does too." ⁣



you are a powerful woman.
leading yourself through life + love...
looking for someone who can take you where you can't take yourself. 

i feel you.

and I've been you.

In 2020, I was making more money than I ever dreamed of while my relationship went to shit.


And at the end of a long day of working I just wanted him to take the lead⁣. Except he couldn’t lead me because I wouldn’t drop my own armored masculine after being ON all day⁣.


I learned the hard way. My relationship ended. And I spent the next several months healing my relationship with the masculine + God. ⁣


A few months later, I came into the deepest Union I have ever known. 

Holy Fuck was created through the journey I took, and many years of deep work.



inside holy fuck,
you embody the truth...

THAT Your devotion to your union and your purpose are the same 


If you can design the business of your dreams,
why wouldn't your relationship be thriving inside of it?

If you end the day serving others with no space to serve him,
there's a place you have decided to negotiate your love. 

If your man walks in and wants to ravish you in the middle of a work day and you
"don't have time",
you haven't built an empire, you've built a prison. 

An invisible cage that says, ⁣
“every time I make money in my business, a big part of me must be left behind” ⁣

And your success will always come with a big price. ⁣

You’ll blame the business, you’ll blame the relationship, you’ll blame anything you can except for the truth . . ⁣.

If your purpose takes away from your love,
that’s not really your true purpose. ⁣

And if your love takes away from your purpose,
that’s not really true love.⁣

Your highest path will never leave you feeling like something is missing.⁣

Feature 2_edited.png

we cannot experience the limitless of another
if we have not experienced 
the limitlessness within ourselves



you are laying in bed next to him

cracked open ⁣

in tears⁣

it’s been one of those days⁣

like “holy fuck how is this real?”⁣

having once in a lifetime experiences, co-creating magic, laughing your asses off, and making exquisite love until you find yourself in a puddle of tears, sweat, and sacred water⁣

this love continues to open you in ways you never knew possible ⁣

you craved it and prayed for it ⁣

a pure + holy experience ⁣

that brings you closer to soul and source ⁣

it never takes away from you or your mission

this love has become an activator for everything your soul wants for you⁣

it collapses time, alchemizes, magnetizes, and purifies⁣

living with such a deep faith, trust, and surrender to life


HOLY FUCK pathway

 Join this self-paced journey to remember the feminine template, heal the relationship with the masculine, God, and come into Inner Union. 

WHat's inside:

+ 12 Foundational Teachings

+ 6 Somatic Ceremonies 

+ 3 Mini Embodiment Practices 

+ 5 Master Guest Speakers 

+ 10 Bonus Modules


Over 34 Hours of Potent Pre-Recorded Teachings 



unwavering devotion


sacred surrender


letting go of the one


sacred self


the god within


serve the god in him


bonus magic



a muse, not a mother


source sex


your union template

Feature 5_edited.jpg

how you open to him is how you

open to all of life.





use code: divinepath
at checkout


**Once purchased, as Holy Fuck Alumni you can use your investment from this self-study towards your ticket to join us live in the next round.

Watch all the content and prepare for what is coming to be with us in the next live cohort. 

Holy Fuck isn't just about attracting


that is barely scratching the surface.

It is about healing your relationship to men, God, and all of life. 

Remembering that God exists in all, and to experience the divine in him,
you must embody the divine in you.

The longing you feel can never be filled by a man.
It can only be filled by God.

so we are going straight



You don't just want a conscious man.

At the end of the day you want to feel like you don't always have to take the lead. 

And domming your own life, not trusting, in constant fear,


What you desire to experience with the masculine


because we can only receive all of him when we receive

My love,

are you really ready to...

+  become incredibly magnetic, radiant, and overflowing in your natural feminine essence? 

+  heal your inner masculine/relationship with God? 


+  learn to surrender fully, let go of control and let love lead you?

+ create space in your life for the deep love and embodied purpose you desire? 

+  move beyond polarity practices and come into true union?​


+  live in sacred union ritual and ceremony as every day life? 


This requires the most holy surrender you have ever known.

Which means you must be willing to meet yourself in the deepest places possible.


Only cum if you’re ready love ;)


No forcing.

No pressure.

No expectation.  


Bring ALL of you.


In this space to be fully


wet & met.

Feature 3.png
Feature 4.png
Feature 2.png

I joined HOLY FUCK with Chelsey and Oren when I was teetering on the edge of not knowing if I should walk away from a relationship, or if there was another level of truth, vulnerability, and devotion available to me. I knew that if I didn’t go find out ALL THE WAY, that I would always wonder if more love was available.


So it was a no brainer to be guided by a couple who takes such a stand for Union and Truth. The specific topics and practices inside Holy Fuck gave me the courage to stay open for a new dynamic in my relationship being possible while still surrendering to highest outcome (even if that meant ending it).

And I have no words for their help as I navigated feeling anger, resentment, longing and love all at the same time. 


Being in the room with both Chelsey and Oren, scratch that… being in their FIELD is beyond words. Even when I missed a few calls I could feel the field of this offer working on me and my partner - I cannot begin to share the level of synchronicities and initiations that took place!


During their course, the 1.0 version of my relationship died, and the 2.0 version took root. And now, how I feel in my body, mind, and heart in my day to day life with my partner is a completely different universe. If you’re considering joining this experience, get ready for your life to change.


Image 11-18-23 at 7.00 PM.jpg

Katie hitchcock




It took me a few months to realize the impact that Holy Fuck had on my life.


As always, we need some perspective before we can turn back and see the dots connecting.


When I entered the container, I was in deep longing for Divine Union. "If I'm looking for him, then he MUST be looking for me too" type of feeling. It was a process of trust and surrender. It was delicious and excruciating at times.


Chelsey helped me walk through this process that prepared me to receive the person I'm with now. I met him shortly after Holy Fuck, only it took me a few months to recognize who he was.


I might not have had the same level of receptivity, openness, surrender and gratefulness to what was right in front of me if it wasn't for Holy Fuck and for the amazing women inside of it.


It truly was a beautiful transmission, thank you Chelsey. 

Feature 2.png

I love everything that Chelsey launches, she's my bb and soul sister coach.


When she first introduced Holy Fuck to the world, I was immediately drawn to it, but was initially scared of the investment. However, day after day it kept coming into my consciousness and I chose to self-invest in this container because my soul kept calling me. I knew this was the DEEPER work I was now ready for.


Through this course, I experienced massive internal shifts and "God Alchemy" that cannot be put into words. My connection to God strengthened, and I felt a palpable shift in being able to TRUST myself more and open up to the depths of my intuition. The depth of this work is so THICC and ROBUST that you have to watch the calls over again to continue absorbing all the information. It's that deep and juicy. So I am continuing to do that daily.


Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, Chelsey, for this work. My soul thanks and honors you!

WhatsApp Image 2022-11-15 at 6.24.33 PM.jpeg

The Holy F*ck portal with Chelsey Jo was amazing.


I loved receiving the wisdom that channeled through Chelsey each week.


She teaches in such a real, raw, grounded way.


Through the course I deepened my inner union & reignited my connection to the high masculine (God), which has positively impacted every area of my life, relating & business.


The women who joined this container were epic & I am so glad I said yes to the journey!

WhatsApp Image 2022-11-16 at 9.55.40 AM.jpeg
Feature 6_edited.jpg


Will there be any live calls?

No, this is a complete self study for you. You do it in your own time and pace. 

Can I join the next live round of Holy Fuck?

We would love that, and you can use your investment from this to put towards the live experience. 

Does it matter if I'm in a relationship or single?

You can be single or in partnership and get the most out of this. You will receive so much from these teachings that will transform your entire life. Many of the practices shared are the the same rituals I worked with when I was single, and some are rituals that my love and I have shared together.

Is there a payment plan available? 

No, not for this self study. 

Do you offer refunds?

No, we do not offer refunds. When you sign up for this you are saying yes to the entire experience and investment. 

Do I need to have a yoni wand? 

No, it is not required, but I highly recommend it because we have a delicious yoni ceremony. Once you sign up, I will send my recommendations for the highest quality + luxury wands.

Any other questions? 

Please reach out to my team if you're feeling called and you don't see an answer to your question here. 

Message my team. They are amazing.



We facilitate this experience together. Bringing the perspectives of the masculine and the feminine in one space where they merge. 


We are on a source, soul, and heart led mission to anchor the frequency of heaven on earth through union.  

Together, we are devoted to awakening and inspiring people to experience a life of love, joy, wealth, ecstatic pleasure, freedom, and limitlessness. 

We are the here to bring some delicious flavor into the conversation of relationship and union.

We do not believe in ONE way of loving and relating. We believe LOVE is the greatest form of God's art. So we encourage you to find your style. 


UNION is the collective prayer and mission.

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