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MUSE mentorship

just you & me
the most intimate way to work together

This is for high level leaders, visionaries, and creators who are already in business. If you have landed here you are desiring a new way to expand and create. You are craving a body based approach that serves YOU in all you do. 


Together we will create a potent container that is custom designed to your needs, desires, and highest expression. This work is not for the shy. This offering is for the one that is ready to dive into the depths with me and confront the beliefs and programs that are keeping you stuck. 


This is deep soul work, and takes full presence for us both. For this reason I only take a few soul mate clients into this container at a time.

My 1:1 Mentorship Is currently closed.
Please check back soon xx



clarify the channel, amplify your voice, and become a living transmission


Learn how to shift the field of every room you walk into by the power of your channel, your voice, and your transmission. Let go of any old cords, conditioning, and programing distorting your voice. Release fully from anything that is not yours.  Make a deeper impact in the ways you serve your clients and your partner. 

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I hired Chelsey when I was moving through a challenging season of my business & Life. And there was truly NO ONE else I would have trusted to hold me during that time but her. 

I only invest in women who I know can hold me in IT ALL. In business. In the depth of my emotions. In my relationship. In all of it. And Chelsey is THAT. 

I don't know what I would have done without Chels during this time. In a time where I'd forgotten my power - she was a fucking stand for IT! Her fierce love. Her masterful mentorship. Her devotion to calling me on my bullshit & re-rooting me in my power again & again & again & again. 

Chels held me through a big death within my business. And I'm forever grateful for the way she held me through it all. Never trying to rush me or get me to 'the otherside'. When I did 'emerge' I was clearer on my leadership, my direction, my gifts & my body of work than ever before. 

This woman is such a stand for TRUTH. 

She is DEEP. And she will take you DEEP. 

Deep into your power. Into your voice. Into YOU! 

So do not enter her world unless you're ready for TRUTH! 

Forever grateful for all your stand for, Chels.

You are the real deal. 

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Working with Chelsey was a completely life changing experience for me. I went into the container with the main intention being my desire to shift my business. But I got SO much more than that.


I had had success in my biz already, but was feeling burnt out and uninspired. I wanted to shift to an energy of ease and inspiration & within our time together, I created over $100k with ease in just a few months in my business, while only working a few hours a day, + ONLY doing what I love. I feel more excited about the direction of my business than I ever have before.


This all came after an extremely aligned (& also extremely terrifying) investment in mentorship with Chelsey, in a time period when I had purposely stopped ALL of my income streams.


Investing thousands after halting my income for 5 months, prob sounds crazy to most people, but this is my norm. I decide what I want, I find someone who already has it, & I pay them to support me on my way there.


I thought I was signing up for biz coaching, but I got an entire life transformation & experienced a huge death and rebirth. With Chelsey’s support I not only transformed my biz, but my entire life. Chelsey helped me to own my huge, scary desires and shine light on the places I was unconsciously keeping myself small. 


The physical money I manifested was the least of the abundance I was able to attract into my life in the last few months. My relationships have all deepened 10x. I feel more loved, valued and appreciated by the people in my life than I have ever experienced. My relationship to the masculine has completely shifted - the way the men in my life are showing up for me and desiring to support me has had me in tears multiple times.


My relationship with myself has also shifted - I released so much shame I didn’t even know I was holding, and feel more secure in myself & my intuition than I ever have before. And for the first time in my life, I feel that my worth is completely unattached to material or financial success.


Chelsey’s work is deep medicine. I don’t have words to describe the way she has helped me to shift my life, they all fall short. I am forever grateful….if you feel called to her in any capacity, trust yourself. 

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I worked 1:1 with Chelsey through one of the biggest transitions/rebirths of my life. The space she held for me was so unconditionally loving and safe which allowed me to go to deeper into my shadow than ever before. 

Her energy and guidance is so expansive and activating. Since our time together, I have been manifesting the most magical experiences in this new chapter of my life. She gave me the courage to detach from what wasn’t serving me anymore, and helped me hold the vision for my highest timeline as I moved through darkness.

This container really allowed me to do all the internal work I needed to do to go through this rebirth in a graceful and smooth way, while staying grounded and rooted into myself. And I am more confident in my business now than ever before. I am eternally grateful to have her as a mentor.


She is a blessing to this world.

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