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relationship offers

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 $444 or 2 monthly payments of $250 

OUR BIGGEST MISSION on this planet is love.
And it is no secret we want everyone in on it.
To do this we have to take full responsibility for our inner work. 

This bundle is designed for singles or couples destined for UNION. 

When you sign up you immediately access over 20 hours of our most valuable teachings in union, business, mastery, intimacy, love, and leadership, sex, and wealth.

This is an easy access point for those who are wanting to work with us, and rare ready to get started NOW. 

this might be our first date but ...

let's go there

This is the Sexiest
Divine Union + Relationship course
ever and it's open for
enrollment right now

holy fuck


3 Month Couples Container Introduction 

+ 2 x 60 minute Sessions a Month = 6 Sessions in Total 

+ Voxer Voice + Text (Support in between sessions)

+ Holy Grail Master Series


9k Pay in Full

or 3 monthly Payments of $3333 

Divine Union is designed to invite all of us. When relationships stagnate or hit edges there is an open space for more of who you are both being invited into. 


Every relationship reaches a portal of deepening. 

A decision of devotion. These phases might feel like death but they are invitations for more connection.


The online immersion will be uniquely created for YOU.

For 3 months we will dive deep into your relationship, your love, and reawaken a new level of devotion and intimacy. 

Your union is here to open you both to one another endlessly. 

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Online Couples Support + Immersion 


3 Month Couples Container

+ 2 x 90 minute Sessions a Month = 6 Sessions in Total 

+ Voxer Voice + Text (Support in between sessions) 

+ Holy Grail Master Series 

+ Weekend Couples Immersion 

Friday night, Saturday All day, Sunday Morning 

Accommodations + Meals Included 

**Transportation is not included 



25k Pay In Full 

or 3 monthly payments of $8500


This is for the couple that is ready to give it all for LOVE.

This is the deepest way to experience everything we have to offer.

Get ready for a wild, delicious adventure devoted to 

U N I O N 


We don't fuck around when it comes to play + deep soul work. 

This online experience + in person immersion is designed to blow your mind and blast open your heart open.  

It won't be a one size fits all experience.


The "content" will be uniquely created for YOU.


Let us design the container + weekend of your dreams complete with

divine union ritual and a few magical adventures. 

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online + in person 


Couples Immersion + 1 month of follow up support 


+ Full Day Couples Immersion 

Full day/ Night experience in couples Immersion 

Accommodations + Meals Included 

**Transportation is not included 

+ 2 x 90 minute Sessions 

+ Voxer Voice + Text  (Support in between sessions)

+ Holy Grail Master Series 


15k Pay in Full 

or 3 monthly of payments of $5,500

This is a beautiful combination of everything in the above packages


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